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About Free SMS Service At Jsmsfree.Com

JSmsFree provides you with access to send totally free text message (SMS) anonymously from web to mobile phone.
JSmsFree is easy to use and smart. With Premium/Super account you will allow to send one message to many buddies at the same time! We called it Mass Bulk SMS feature.
And at the same time it enables advertisers to reach out to millions of mobile users through the next generation concept of advertising "Adsms" (advertisement via SMS).
Advertisement with JSmsFree is the best and most personal way to attract people to see the product or service you offer.
JSmsFree sent at least 50,000 text messages (SMS) every day to thousands of mobile phone numbers all over the world even before the site fully operated.
It is believed to be growing and rising fast, to becoming the biggest free SMS service provider on net .

Why advertise with JSmsFree ?

Your ad will be installed on every closer of text messages sent by users who using JSmsFree and will be read directly by the people who receive the SMS on their mobile phone.

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Advertisement with JSmsFree is the most personal way to attract people to see the product or service you offer, because every single Ad/SMS that received will be not detected as spam and get caught on Spam folders just like email. All ads/SMS will be sent to all active phone numbers that using by people and will be read by people in conjunction with the receipt of SMS.
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About Our Company

"SMSTexter" Inc. is a part of Jackmedia Total Solusi Indonesian IT-company that has been working internationally since 2008 as a developer and a provider of solutions in the field of programming , hosting, vpn, and telecommunications.
Main fields of activity:
* Creation and implementation of web projects
* Development of solutions and provision of VOIP-telephony services (PC-to-Phone, MVNO)
* Provision of software as a service (SaaS, S+S).
"SMSTexter" Inc. services are available 24 hours a day all around the world, actively used by thousands of customers from Russia, Europe, Asia, USA, Canada and Latin America.

About the project

"SMSTexter" Inc. has developed the FreeSMS service to give people around the world an opportunity to communicate without any restrictions.
We are glad to offer you a possibility to send free sms from PC to land line and mobile phones with free prices, as well as making free sms in exchange to viewing a short commercial.
We are constantly working on further development and advancement of our services. We welcome you to leave your opinions and suggestions.
We are always open for partnership with you. We will consider any proposals and will respond as soon as possible:
technical support: contact technical support, email:
for advertisers: